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Second Act Career Coaching

Dec 18, 2019

In today's episode we have something a little different for you, My colleague Helen Chao of the Smart Career Planning Podcast interviews both myself and fellow Recruiting Consultant Keith Halperin on effective salary negotiation especially in the 2nd Half of Life.

“I heard a good thing recently about negotiation. It's like you don't get what you deserve in life. You get what you negotiate for.”

- Keith Halperin

“If your staff is all super young and that's all you guys, you're missing sometimes the benefit of people that have seen the business side of things.”

- Tim Hansen

Key Takeaways for Second Act’ers on how to make the most out of looking out for new opportunities:

  1. Do your due diligence. Do your homework on the candidate side. Before talking to a hiring manager or even in another recruiter for that example, go to and refer to their salary calculator for reference.

  2. Give a range.  Combine that data with your existing salary level and what you're trying to achieve in your next move. You want them to come back to you with a more accurate offer.

  3. Keep the negotiation door open. Put yourself in a position where the company can come back to you and make an offer.

Topics Covered:

03:49 - Tim's and Keith's points of views when it comes to not disclosing how much you want to make when it comes to salary negotiation

08:41 - Thoughts about negotiation for the sake of negotiating

14:03 - Is there really such a thing as hiring overqualified candidates?

21:09 - Tim on figuring out a personal move or a career move, both on the part of the candidate and the hiring manager

24:29 - Keith's observation of having more junior than senior folks in the Bay Area

26:08 - Tim's thought about the "youth trend"

31:00 - Tim on why it pays to be concerned about a company's financial standing and key people running the company

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