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Second Act Career Coaching

Dec 18, 2019

Jim Chase is the Founder and Principal at Canosus Ventures, a technology commercialization consulting practice. Jim has spent more than two decades helping IoT Digital Entertainment and high-speed wireless companies deliver connectivity and embedded computing solutions for consumer, industrial and mobile applications. As a longtime Silicon Valley, semiconductor veteran, Mr. Chase has defined and launched dozens of technology solutions, shipped hundreds of millions of units and generated over 2 billion in product revenue. Jim now advises a global client base in driving mass-market adoption of technology products from Carlsbad, California, where he resides with his wife of 28 years. 

In this episode, Jim Chase talks about how he was able to “Flip the Script” in his 2nd Half utilizing his past corporate background into a successful technology consulting practice.


Creating a loyal set of customers, whether internal customers or external customers, that will vouch for you, give you testimonials, bring you referrals. The network that you build over your career is the best source for getting new client business.”

- Jim Chase



Key Takeaways for Second Act'ers on how to get out of the corporate stage and move on to this next point in life?


  • Know your financial situation. You have to take that into account
  • Have confidence in your own abilities. Believe you're good at what you do. Jim shares a quote from Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead that says, ‘It's not good enough to be the best at what you do, you have to be the only one that does what you do.’ 

Topics Covered:


01:52 - How Sequoia Venture Capital's ‘Slide-deck Of Doom called RIP: Good Times’ led Jim onto this next stage of his life, moving from corporate to his own consulting practice


03:56 - Jim describing his ‘flip the script’ moment that leads him to reinvent and repurpose the work he already knew


05:23 - His first dibs into the consulting practice, 


06:47 - The benefits he enjoyed doing consulting work fulltime: variety and flexibility


07:44- Jim shares the things that were holding people back from pursuing the entrepreneurial route


09:23 - His advice to Second Actors on how to sell and market their service to clients


12:21 Jim’s share who his ideal client and the market he serves


13:24 - Connect with Jim Jim Chase

Connect with Jim Chase

Connect with Tim Hansen