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Second Act Career Coaching

Feb 24, 2020

Cherise Kennerley has been President of ROI Marketing since 2001. Prior to running ROI Marketing, she held a variety of successful executive-level sales and marketing roles within various companies working with advertising and public relations agencies. This led ROI Marketing to grow organically focusing its attention primarily on mid-sized to large companies searching for marketing, sales and business solutions that are tailored to meet the goals of the client in a cost-effective way and as result companies on average retain ROI Marketing for 9+years.


In this episode, Cherise talks about how she was able to “Flip the Script” in her 2nd Half utilizing her past Sales and Marketing background into running her own successful Marketing Agency.


“There's only one thing holding you back is just yourself. You just got to go out there and you just have to start doing it. I started formulating our ROI Marketing when I was still in corporate, I knew what I liked, I knew what I didn't like and you just have to put it out there.” 

- Cherie Kennerley


Key Takeaways for Second Act’ers: How Cherise prepared for her ‘next big thing’ - running her own successful marketing agency


  • I went out there and I joined a couple of different associations and such just to get me the feeling of knowing like how do I network, how do I learn to perfect my elevator pitches, and so forth.
  • One gentleman help me network and I reciprocated by giving services at no charge and it worked out great.



Topics Covered:

04:10 - The various positions she had in her past jobs that led and contributed  to what she is doing now

06:57 - That time in her career when she saw it fit to "flip the script" and start her own marketing company

11:11 - What is that one thing that is holding her back from moving forward and pursuing what she really wanted, and what steps she took to move to a new direction that she want

15:21 - Marketing steps she took for her business, and the type of partnerships she's done outside of marketing


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