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Second Act Career Coaching

Jan 24, 2020

Doug Levin is the owner of JobStars USA – a career services practice dedicated to serving entry through executive-level professionals. Doug is a certified professional resume writer, career coach, and small business owner with 10 years of experience in the career services niche. Doug’s firm offers expert resume writing services for professionals in broad-ranging private sector industries. The goal is building ATS-friendly and visually appealing documents that communicate a specific message and help you stand apart from the competition. By working collaboratively, Doug and his team focus on gathering information and taking leadership over the development of your new documents.


In this episode, Doug talks about how he was able to “Flip the Script” and turn his corporate resume writing career into a new work opportunity in his Second Half.


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“There's kind of a comfort level when you're an employee of an organization. Whereas when you're on your own and you're not salaried, then there's more pressure .”

- Doug Levin

Key Takeaways for Second Act’ers: What is Doug’s process of being a business owner.

  1. Through experience by trial and error. Figuring out what he wanted to do and how he wants to spend his time.
  2. Exploring different avenues of what would make him happy and strike the right balance for him.


Topics Covered:

04:16 - How not getting the promotion despite being qualified brought Doug to his ‘flip the script’ moment 

05:39 - How Doug used his corporate background to establish his own business, switching his fulltime employment experience to becoming a freelance resume writer, getting his hands dirty to learn the resume writing craft

09:13 -  The mindset shift from employee to consultant and business owner, the legworks he had to deal as a business owner from getting an LLC, filing tax, keeping his productivity and stuff

16:36 - Resume and Linkedin tandem: Optimization that will get you your dream job, why should there be an alignment between your credentials, what do headhunters and employers look for

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