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Second Act Career Coaching

Dec 18, 2019

Andy McClure is an outsourced Chief Marketing Officer for small businesses. He offers flexibility and senior-level experience to companies that don’t need that type of leadership full-time.

Andy started his consulting practice 10 years ago partly by design and partly because he lost his job. Prior to starting his practice, Andy managed a sales organization, was part of a turn-around management consulting group, worked in marketing for a large technology company, and played a variety of management roles in a small contract-manufacturing business.

Andy has a degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and two teenage children.

In this episode, Andy talks about how he was able to “Flip the Script” in his 2nd Half utilizing his past Corporate experience into a successful Marketing Company.

I am my own person, I have certain strengths and weaknesses and taking somebody else's template in a pure way wasn't really going to help me reach my full success. I finally gave myself permission to alter my business.”



- Andy McClure


Key Takeaways for Second Act’ers on how Andy paved his way for his career shift success


  1. Listen to yourself. Recognize what you are good at or wired to do. 
  2. Find a mentor. Someone who can help you shorten your learning curve
  3. Recognize that you have your style for counterbalance. Give yourself permission to alter your business.

Topics Covered:


02:44- How the Great Recession and series of developmental in his Career brought a pivotal shift to Andy

04:14 - Andy describing his ‘flip the script’ moment that led him to pivot, leave the big tech  and do something different other than being in the ladder climbing corporate set-up

05:01 - His first dibs into the consulting practice, how he got started before ultimately losing his job with small companies on the side

06:33 - Biggest things Andy is most excited about with this new work and income direction at this point in his life: work-family balance,  time freedom, and flexibility

08:35-  ‘Who could I learn from? Like, who was my next mentor?’ Andy’s main concern before fully diving into the entrepreneurial route 

11:56 - Andy describes his ideal client and the demographics of businesses he serves

13:25- Andy’s tip for Second Actors who want to kick-off  their corporate experience as a service and why finding a mentor is important to shift their learning curve

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